About Liz

Liz Higgins, LMFT

My hope is that this page will help you decide if I'll be a good fit for you in your counseling journey. The most important thing to me is that you feel you're working with someone who understands you and the context of the world you're living and loving in.

I am sure you want to know if I can help you and if I know what I'm doing.

So…a little about me

I take immense pride in upholding my credentials by pursuing trainings, continuing education, and remaining a consumer of the research on couples, marriage, dating, and millennials. I'm passionate about knowing what it takes for couples to find and sustain a relationship or marriage that lasts, especially because they are up against so much. In a world that is constantly changing its rules of relationships, I intend to never stop learning.

But beyond all that, I'm a person just like you who has lived through the heartache of loss and disappointment and the JOYS of cultivating a fulfilling life with a partner who doesn't complete me...contrary to what I thought I needed. 

Even after years of dating my (now) husband, I had cold feet. Now, I have a confidence in myself and my marriage like never before. I experienced a fear of commitment related to love, marriage, money, parenting, and my career, like so many others in the millennial generation. I didn’t realize at the time that so much of what I was feeling was exactly what others my age were experiencing. Through my own growth, education, and work with other millennials, I found the tools to help me break free from the anxiety and constant questioning of myself. 

Don't be fooled, though. I think a lot of us wish life and relationships were… well, just easy. Life is still hard. Love is still work. But there are attainable tools and knowledge that can help along the way. That's what I hope to provide to those who work with me.

While my personal experiences have informed the way I work with clients, you should know that our work together will be focused on you, your relationship(s), and the outcomes you are trying to reach.

Get excited about dating

If you're diving into the dating realm but would like more confidence in yourself or a greater awareness of the kind of partner you are trying to attract, this is right up my alley. I'll work hard with you to make the small yet significant shifts in your mindset and actions that will get you to the kind of relationship you’ve been hoping for.

Prepping to tie the knot

I love working with couples embarking on the journey of marriage together. It is such a fun and exciting time, yet one where you may experience the undertones of stress, confusion, and even uncertainty about commitment. These feelings aren’t just normal, but can be the gateway to a deeper intimacy with your partner and greater understanding of yourself than you knew was possible.

It's never too late to explore what you're feeling. Fear and anxiety don’t mean you're with the wrong person. But your cold feet are worth leaning into...and that is the type of work I love doing with my clients.

Pull up your bootstraps and let’s get going

I find that I work best with couples who are motivated and ready to put effort and intention into the steps they take between our sessions. I work best with individuals who want to experience change and are willing to go inward and explore their motives, desires, and emotional experiences. It only takes one person to instigate healthy change in a relationship. 

I would describe my approach as compassionate, caring, but assertive. I'm not afraid to call out the unhealthy stuff I see. I'll always have you and your relationship's best interest in mind.

If you connect with what you've read, reach out today and lets get started! I look forward to an opportunity to work with you soon.