About Sammy Jo


To those of you battling perfectionism, performance anxiety, burnout, depression or chronic fatigue, you are not alone in your struggle.

As a former Division I athlete with 10+ years of experience in competitive sports, I am familiar with many factors that impact the athlete population. Now, as a mental health professional and licensed clinician, I am dedicated to helping current, former, and prospective athletes navigate the interplay between life, relationships, and their sport.

Whether you find yourself struggling to find meaning following the end of your athletic career, anxious to reach your potential as a collegiate or professional athlete, or riddled by relational conflict amongst family members, coaches, or intimate partners, I am here to help you reconnect.

While my past experiences have sparked my passion in working with athletes, much of my clinical work has led to an expertise in helping couples with strained communication patterns or broken trust following an affair. Whether cheating has been a one-time event in your relationship or an ongoing repetitive pattern, I believe that you, as a couple, are capable of repair.

The mistrust and communication problems don't have to take over your life or your relationship any longer.

Whether you are a family experiencing parent-child conflict over sports, or a couple battling issues of communication, trust, or infidelity, therapy can help you and your partner or family team up in response to the pressures of your sport or other outside stressors. To those of you who feel that your marriage or other relationships have experienced damage: 

I believe in your ability to rebuild, reconnect, and create something even better than what you had before.

Supervised by Monica Marterella, M.S., LMFT-S, LPC-S