Are "Soul Mates" A Real Thing?

Before I got married, I questioned time and time again if my husband-to-be was really the ONE person that was made specifically for me. Sometimes, that question felt like fear. How did I know? Sure, I had butterflies (the good kind), I felt happy, we had slim-to-no issues in our relationship, and I personally had other things to lean on to allow me to rest assured (such as my faith and confidence in our 5 year relationship up to that point). But…how did I know?!

The truth is, I really didn’t. But I allowed myself to believe in our relationship enough for me to rest assured that we were going to make it work through thick or thin. So far, so good.

Explore this truth: a soul mate is more than just that special someone who can trigger those dopamine-infused feelings of romance and rainbow trails to pleasure town inside of you (better known as infatuation). There are people who report that, upon meeting, they just knew that they had found their soul mate…and decades later they report to be just as madly in love with them as day one. It often makes me wonder if those couples either had special brains that allow them to experience nonstop infatuation, or if perhaps they just cultivated a way to maintain those feelings of infatuation by establishing a mutually respectful and loving partnership that promoted the importance of their unique relationship.

Being another person’s soul mate is something that evolves over time as you continually grow and fall deeper in love with one another through the trials and tribulations of your life together. And, don’t worry, there is repeated infatuation involved in that process. The difference is that it is something you continuously evoke and keep alive.

 What to do: Explore a few of these questions. Journal them, if you can.

What does Soul Mate mean to you?
What allows you to believe in lasting romantic relationships?
How will your soul mate know that you are the one for them?
What will you be like when you are in the relationship of your dreams?
Write a love letter to yourself from your Soul Mate. Then write a response letter to your Soul Mate.

Do not underestimate the power of your own journaling. Some of the most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, and artists use the tool of writing out their goals, thoughts, feelings, and desired outcomes as a means of establishing the path it will take them to get from zero to there. Allow yourself to explore your innermost thoughts. There are no limits on paper.