Feeling paralyzed by FOMO?

Sick of the first date failure on repeat?

Not sure if you’re ready to get married?

Or are you just wondering why relationships are so damn hard?

You’re in the right place. We get it.

Welcome! We are a group of therapists who have taken it upon ourselves to understand the trends and influences of millennial relationships and marriage in the modern age. Our mission is to stay current with what it's really like to be single, dating, committed, married, or just trying to figure life out in today's consumer culture and technologically driven world. We want to help you not only survive, but thrive in your life and relationships.


We specialize in helping millennial couples create the most epic marriages and relationships possible, starting from the very beginning with premarital counseling. Relationships today require an understanding and practice of the tools that work in today's world. There are many outdated relationship practices that no longer serve the needs of couples. We bring research-based and effective practices to our work with couples, and equip partners with the tools to give (and GET) the kind of love they want.

We also help couples uncover potential patterns that are leaving them stuck and feeling unable to grow forward together. Your relationship can be the space where you become the person you have always dreamt of being, while growing alongside a partner who does the same. 

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In addition to couples work, we specialize in helping millennial individuals who are dealing with a range of issues such as navigating the dating world, career fulfillment, healing from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, perfectionism, and more. Our therapists bring a range of experience and expertise to the table in their work with clients, and stay up to date on the trends of the millennial generation and life in the Information Age. In other words, we get what adulting is really like; after all, we are living it, too!


Millennials might be waiting later for marriage and commitment, but you better believe they are having babies (8 out of 10 births in 2015 were to millennial parents)! We help couples and individual parents transition into the life of parenthood (or deal with the chaos of it all if you're already there). If you're in the midst of it and can't seem to catch a break, let us help you. Our therapists understand the pressures and expectations that millennial parents face. 

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What we help our clients with:

Individual with growth


Are you feeling stuck, uncertain, or unable to make decisions due to FOMO or making the wrong life choices? Are you in the prime years of your life but struggling with that voice inside telling you that you're not good enough? Are you feeling the pressure of where your life is now and where you thought you'd be by now? Let us help you get rid of the pressure and cultivate a life you're excited to live.

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Dating millennial


The dating world can be a complete whirlwind. Whether you're anxious about putting yourself out there, worried about finding the right partner in a sea of infinite choices, or are just tired of experiencing the "first date failure" on repeat, let us help you gain the confidence you need in your search for love. 

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Engaged couple


Millennials might be waiting a little later in life to get married, but research shows that they still have high hopes that it will happen. We believe that the ingredients for a successful marriage in today's modern world have changed drastically in just the last few decades. Let us help you prepare for one of the greatest decisions you will make, and enjoy the benefit of a deeper bond with your spouse-to-be in the process!

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Married cohabiting couple

Relationships & Marriage

Why is modern love so complicated? Well, we don't exactly learn the rules of healthy relationships in school. Whether you are experiencing the effects of infidelity, emotional disconnection, loss of sex or intimacy, or just the impact of LIFE on your relationship, our trained professionals can help you stabilize and bring your relationship to a place of understanding and re-connection for you both.

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Happy young millennial family

New Parents

Did you know that 58% of millennials find the amount of parenting information out there extremely overwhelming? It doesn't surprise us. There are many different ways to parent, and finding the right way for your family is just one of the tasks of this life transition. It’s also important to prioritize your couple relationship as you embark on parenthood together. If you're single, it's critical to find support and a healthy way to manage this shift in your world. We specialize in helping millennials balance the "I" with the "we" of bringing littles into their lives.

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EMDR / Trauma

If you’ve experienced trauma, your brain's ability to make sense of the event is hijacked with intense sensations and emotions. Your brain actually protects you by "locking away" these negative memories. When left unaddressed, these aspects of our past can be easily triggered by seemingly normal events in the present and affect the way we view ourselves as well as our relationships with others. By working with a trained professional, EMDR can help you overcome the hold these experiences have and lead you to health and wellness again.

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