15 Date Ideas for Millennials This Summer in Dallas, TX

With summer in full swing, the Texas heat can often leave couples scrounging for creative ideas on how to spend quality time. Here’s a list highlighting some of the fun things to do around this great city. And don’t worry, some of these include air conditioning!

Get interactive at Alamo Drafthouse.

Beyond the regular screenings of today’s box office hits, check out some classic showings, some quote-along movies, or some of Alamo’s specialty showings that offer unique menus related to the film. This theatre adds a twist to your viewing experience, and it could be fun to spice up your movie life at either the new Dallas location (off Lamar) or the Richardson location on Belt Line.

Take a romantic stroll through the Dallas Arboretum.

The flowers are blooming and the water is flowing at the gorgeous arboretum. Take a stroll together, bring your camera for some unique photo-ops, or take a blanket and some snacks to enjoy on one of the many beautiful lawns. Take a deck of Table Topics (couple edition) to connect with each other through some fun questions. During Fridays in July, you can enjoy “Garden Gigs” with local musicians playing tunes starting at 6:30pm surrounded by local food trucks! (Free parking included).

Go ice skating at the Dallas Galleria.

It’s the cool thing to do (pun intended)! Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants surrounding the rink (Potbelly, Five Guys Burgers, Mi Cocina…the list goes on) and afterwards walk on over to the ice. Skating has long been one of the more fun date ideas to do with a partner. 

Fly together.

Relationships make you soar to new heights. Try something adventurous together and give indoor skydiving a shot! This unique activity will literally bring you closer together as you hover stories above ground. IFly in Frisco has different package options…perhaps grab a couple of friends for a different double date idea!

Klyde Warren Park for Dates

Date night in the park? This is totally still a thing.

Enjoy free movie showings on some different Dallas lawn areas. Here’s a link to some upcoming showings, from Jurassic World to Pitch Perfect to some free live music concerts.

Check out this Dallas Food Truck park. So much local yum.

Enjoy some local cuisine paired with a fun beer garden for your choosing. It can be fun to do a date night amidst other individuals, couples, and groups that are also out having a good time. Plus, you don’t have to get too dressed up.

Head out to Denton and have a day of hipster-esque fun, food, and tunes.

Denton has more and more to offer for quirky date ideas. From free live jazz music in the square on Thursdays to unique donut shops to the vintage opera house-turned Recycled bookstore, there is a lot to enjoy in this small town. Here’s a link to more info on the Denton Square, but don’t limit yourself. Do some Yelp research and find the gems hidden throughout the Denton community.

Do yoga together and add a little zen to your love life (this is more than learning how to be graceful pretzels).

Couples/partner yoga is taking on a whole new interest in Dallas. There are many studios throughout the city that offer acroyoga or simply some partner classes, where you learn to use your two bodies together through different yoga poses. This may not be for everyone, but there’s something to gain for anyone who is interested in trying this out. Here’s a few locations that are offering couples yoga opportunities right now:

CityLineDFW: Reef Point Yoga - July 29 “Namaste + Chardonnay” Couples Yoga Class

The Yoga Movement in Dallas is offering acroyoga classes - check the schedule out for upcoming sessions!

Enjoy a free movie…and half off Whiskey!

The Sundown rooftop bar at the Granada offers a free movie at 8:30pm on Wednesdays for those 21 and up, with half off Whiskey. Take your significant other and enjoy a night out under the Dallas skyline while watching a film from this list of options. Besides, who can complain about a good deal on drinks?

Try your hand at some Top Golf.

While there’s nothing quite like playing the course, Top Golf is a great way to meet your partner in the middle if they aren’t that into the game. Practice your swing while enjoying some music, food, and the company of each other (or a group of friends). Top Golf can be found in Dallas as well as at their location in The Colony.

They are both actually reaching for their phones in their pockets so they can catch 'em all.

They are both actually reaching for their phones in their pockets so they can catch 'em all.

Enjoy a relaxing, scenic walk together at one of the many Dallas trails (or, you know, just go Pokemon hunting).

As a therapist, I always promote opportunities to share in activities and connect through quality conversation with your partner. But let’s be real, the trails and parks are probably some of the best places to find the rare Pokemon. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across on the trails the past few weeks who were out huntin’. So, go for it…and enjoy the scenery while you’re at it!

Take a romantic Gondola ride

In the cozy city of Las Colinas resides the home of the Gondola’s on the lake. In my former life as proposal-planning specialist, people would often take advantage of this romantic getaway as their scenery to pop the question. You can even get creative by requesting a message in a bottle to be given to your partner on the ride.

Kayak together!

Have you ever? No? Well, rent a kayak for ~$15 at White Rock Lake and enjoy this team building and also relaxing activity with your partner. #Funinthesun

Go old school with a drive-in movie.

About 30 miles outside of Dallas, you can travel back to the 50s vibe where the Galaxy Drive-in theatre offers showings of today’s movies on huge screens. This is definitely something unique to throw into your dating mix if you’re looking for something a little different than the average movie theatre.

Engage in some mokey-business at the Zoo.

Word is that the Fort Worth Zoo holds a little more popularity, but the Dallas Zoo is still a great option if you want to stay in town. People often think Zoos are for kids, but there is a lot that adults can learn and enjoy from watching animals. Also, Pokemon.

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoy everything this summer has to offer, and allow yourselves to prioritize time together to share in some unique activities. Love, connection, and quality relationships thrive on intentionality, so make a point to prioritize your partnership above all else.

There are lots of activities going on in Dallas, many of which were not mentioned on this list. For more ideas, head over to my blog on 15 Free Self Care Ideas in Dallas. Feel free to share more activities in the comments! Enjoy!

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