Helpful Links on Millennials

With all the writing I do on millennials and the many couples and individuals that I work with on a daily basis, I thought it might be beneficial to share some helpful links that lead to more insight, education, and help understanding the millennial generation.

There are unique aspects of EVERY generation, but my heart lies in helping those wading through "Generation Why?". Perhaps because I myself am a millennial, I feel connected to the struggles of those feeling like they are constantly wondering and wandering through life. I've definitely been there, and I can tell you that there are healthy ways of dealing with the struggles of today.

It is often empowering to learn more about our world and the challenges that were already occurring before this generation. It takes some of the pressure away from needing to be so perfect!

Here are some great links to others who are working to empower and educate the millennial generation, as well as those who don't quite understand the unique struggles of Gen Y:

Goldman Sachs Infographic on Millennials

Bloomberg View information on Millennials (statistics courtesy of Pew Research Center, the US Census Bureau and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

Paul Angone of All Groan Up: Paul's website and blog explore the issues specific to the millennial generation, focusing on how to get through the Quarter Life Crisis and other common experiences of this generation

7 Signs FOMO is Ruining Your Dating Life by Esther Perel: This blog post written by one of today's top marriage and family therapists explores some of the common challenges millennials face in today's dating world (I encourage you to check out her other stuff!)

Millennials in Adulthood: PEW Research Center

I will continue to update this list with valuable links and information pertaining to the millennial generation. Stay connected!