Sammy jo diffendaffer, lmft Associate

To those of you battling perfectionism, performance anxiety, burnout, depression or fatigue, you are not alone in your struggle. As a former Division I athlete with 10+ years of experience in competitive sports, Sammy Jo is familiar with the experiences of high-achievers and has a passion for working with this population. Her experience and systemic training (focusing on the psychology, biology, and relationships that impact how you relate to others) will help you accomplish the goals you are seeking, from self-confidence to finding your partner in life. 

Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner, LMFT Associate

I became a marriage and family therapist in order to help couples work through complex trauma issues that hamper their relationship. Because of my specialty in EMDR work with couples, I am not afraid to explore any taboos you need to process about yourself and/or your relationship. I am also passionate about working with interracial couples, and being in an interracial marriage myself, I understand the challenge of cultural barriers that you and your partner may experience when dealing with important life transitions. If you choose to work with me, you’ll have to be willing to make some changes. I’m not the expert here. You are. You choose to be here because you desire different outcomes in your life and I am thrilled to help you navigate towards that path. Are you ready?


Deborah Holt, LMFT

Deborah has done extensive work with couples and families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Have you and your partner been caught in a vicious cycle, resulting in feelings of exhaustion, insecurity, and resentment? Are you having a difficult time communicating, connecting, and relating to your partner? Maybe you or your partner engaged in an unfaithful act, overloaded with work or parental duties, or experiencing complexity in the blending of two households. Deborah holds a strong focus on working
with “high conflict” couples, has passion for families and children/adolescent issues (like depression, anxiety, suicide), or those whose relationships are in gridlock of problems, miscommunication, and unhealthy dynamics. She loves working with blended families and premarital couples who are remarrying or are bringing children (or the influence of a previous marriage) into their current relationship.

Anne Streett, LMFT Assoc.

Anne Streett, LMFT Associate

Navigating a relationship in today’s world can be difficult, especially when stressors threaten your ability to prioritize one another and stay united. Throughout my work with couples and families, I like to take into account all the ways that stress may be taking a front seat in your relationship. Are you a new parent feeling overwhelmed with the profound responsibility of raising children? Perhaps the exhaustion has left you feeling lost, depressed, or wondering whether you will make it through.  I have a passion for working with new parents and am committed to creating a space that allows you to grow in confidence in your new role.  My focus is to widen your system of support and also empower couples to turn toward one another during this adjustment. As your therapist, I look forward to tackling the stress that is unique to your relationship, and walk with you towards a hopeful future.  

Liz Higgins, LMFT couples therapist

Liz Higgins, LMFT, Founder

My passion for helping millennial couples and individuals began on my own search for love and journey towards marriage. I realized along the way that most of us really have NO idea of what it actually takes to find- and sustain- a healthy, mature, yet passionate relationship. I believe that modern relationships have been turned upside down by the impact of social media, online dating, and the choice paradox, leading to a plague of commitment-phobia. My mission is to help couples and individuals explore what's holding them back and acquire the tools and skills necessary to thrive in the modern age of relationships.